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Magazine & Book publishers

Banner of Truth Trust
The Banner of Truth publishes a wide range of books by reformed writers from the past and present. Banner of Truth also publishes a monthly magazine.

Naphtali Press
Publishes classics of the Presbyterian & Reformed faith, that are now scarce and out of print. A focus primarily on the Puritan era, with a specialization in Scottish Presbyterian authors.

Psalm Singing CD
Psalmody CD produced by the Free Church Continuing Psalmody Comittee.

Scottish Reformation Society, Inverness Branch
Historical lectures, usually on aspects of Scottish Church History.

Still Waters Revival Books
Reformed books, Bibles, CDs, tapes, etc.

Missionary agencies

Christian Witness to Israel
Missionary work amongst Jews. Information on Jews and Israel

The Frontline Fellowship
Rev David Fraser and his work with Frontline Fellowship in Zambia.

Trinitarian Bible Society
Bible distributors


Desiring God Ministries
Sermons, Bible Study Tools, etc. from John Piper, Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

FCC Sermon and Conference Address Videos
Videos of FCC Conference addresses and sermons

Churches - other

Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth
Sermons from Minister - Geoff Thomas and others. Bibliography of Geoff Thomas, Church and bookshop details. Index of various magazines.

Emmanuel Church, Salisbury
Church details. Articles by Malcolm Watts.

Grace Baptist Church, Stratford, London
Church details. Sermon tapes and Audio sermons.

Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff
Church details, Audio sermons, etc.

Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Website of the Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Moira Baptist Church, Northern Ireland
A church with a heart, preaching the heart changing Gospel of God's grace in the heart of Northern Ireland.

The Presbyterian Reformed Church
The Presbytery of the Presbyterian Reformed Church.

The Westminster Presbyterian
The website of the Reformed Church of Metropolitan Washington - Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Trinity Baptist Church, Montville, New Jersey, USA
Church details. Ministers include Al Martin. Audio and video taped sermons and on-line audio sermons of Al Martin and others

Churches - Free Church Continuing

Partick Free Church (Continuing)
Reformed, evangelical, experimental preaching and teaching; situated in Glasgow's West End.

Tarbat Free Church (continuing)
Tarbet congregational website.


Evangelical Library
Library of evangelical books and magazines. Postal service as well as personal callers. Based in London. Branches throughout the world.

Psalm Singing Online
Samples of congregational psalm singing

Shalom Ministries
Christian Witness to Israel website particularly for Jewish readers

The James Begg Society
Dedicated to the Protestant, Reformed, Christian religion as contained in the Westminster confession of Faith and the Form of Presbyterian Church Government.

The Lord's Day Observance Society
The website of the Lord's Day Observance Society.

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