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How much does it cost?

All sermons provided on the web site are free of charge.

What format are sermons available in?

The sermons are available in a variety of formats. All sermons can be ordered on audio cassette, many are avaliable on audio CD. Sermons are available on this web site in text format (i.e. typed) and some are avaliable as a typed sermon outline. Many audio sermons can be downloaded from this web site. These audio sermons are in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format, with some also avaliable im MP3 format.

How do I play the audio sermons?

For audio sermons in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format there are many programs that can play these files. Most Microsoft windows computers come with such a program already installed. If you do not know if you have such a program, then after downloading an audio sermon, try and open the file (double click on the file). If you have a program installed that will play them they should play. If you do not have a program installed, then you can download one free from NOTE: Versions of Windows Media Player are available for Windows, Mac, and Solaris operating systems. Other programs can play .wma files on other operating systems.

For sudio sermons in mp3 format most audio programs will play these files.

What quality are sermon audio CD's?

Audio CD's of sermons created by live digitally recording, using high quality equipment. Because of this CD sermons are extremely clear.

May I link to

Yes, we welcome links to this web site. For your convinience you may use the sample html code below if you wish.

<p><a href="">Bible Sermons Online</a><br>Free reformed sermons avaliable online in audio and text format, with catalogue of sermons avaliable on CD.</p>

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