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Sermon Outline - The Great Decision, Joshua ch.24 v.15

PreacherRev. Maurice Roberts, Inverness
Sermon TitleThe Great Decision
TextJoshua ch.24 v.15
Sermon ID904

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  1. This is Joshua's last sermon.
  2. He confronts Israel with the great decision.
  3. The same decision faces us all.

    1. To have the God of the Bible - or not; see the context: v. 14-16.
    2. Who is this God? His character and Being.
    3. Observe: People like to put off this decision:
      1. because of the cost: look at Moses
      2. because of the work: look at Joshua
      3. they forget their history: v. 17-18. Ap.
      4. God requires holiness: v.19
      5. God is not to be trifled with: v.20
        Application: Do not let these things put you off.
    4. There is an alternative to God: so Joshua says: TEXT: So today:
      1. Practical Atheism - so popular.
      2. Mere Nominalism = the "Easy Way".
      3. Christless Religion.
    APPLICATION: So God here speaks to all of you. Are you facing this great decision?

    1. See Joshua's emphasis - his very last word to Israel. The approach of death makes a preacher stress the main thing.
      Illustration: W. Carey; Adolph Monod.
    2. This decision is great because:
      1. God is the greatest Being there is: so all other decisions are vastly less.
      2. Our attitude to God affects all of life:
        Illustration: The Rivers Rhine and Rhone.
      3. We have all to face God at last:
        "Best of friends; worst of enemies" = God.
      4. Time is short, but eternity long.
        Illustration: A tortoise travelling round the earth a thousand times. But eternity is longer.
      5. See how earnest Moses is: Deuteronomy 30:19-20.
      6. Look how courageous Daniel and his three friends are: Daniel 3 and 6.
      7. Look how passionate Christ Himself is: Luke 19:41f
    APPLICATION: O why then do some of you not face this great decision at once?

    1. There are some who have decided:
      1. those who have gone away// Orpah.
      2. those like Ruth.
      But I speak to the undecided.
    2. Who are the undecided?
      1. They cannot profess Christ clearly.
      2. Some love of this world binds them.
        Illustration: a fly caught in the web; a moth attracted to the candle.
    3. I give you this help to decide for God and for the Gospel:
      1. It is not hypocrisy to change. Some think: "But who am I".
        Doctrine: Every Christian is a marvel to himself. Look at Paul. It is God's work.
      2. God will help you in time to come. "How can I keep it up?"
        But God changes us - a new life. T. Chalmers: "The expulsive power of a new affection".
        Illustration: Chalmers himself.
      3. You must face this mighty question:
        "If Christ is the God-Man, what am I to do with Him?
        Receive / Reject?
      4. How else can you face the known facts of the Bible:
        Sin- death-trouble-judgement?
    4. This whole world is so influenced by Satan - he is the "god of this world", i.e. it is distorted so that we do not see the truth:
      Illustration: a hall of mirrors; a labyrinth from which men cannot get out.


O choose - this day - to give your whole life to God!

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