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Sermon Outline - The Gospel in Daniel, Daniel ch.9 v.24

PreacherRev. Maurice Roberts, Inverness
Sermon TitleThe Gospel in Daniel
TextDaniel ch.9 v.24
Sermon ID843

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  1. I shall refer to this as "Daniel's Gospel", i.e. revealed to him. A very clear prophesy of Christ - as I shall show.
  2. Division: v.1-19: Daniel's prayer and the reason for it, i.e. Daniel had been reading the Bible and worked out when exile due to end.
    DOCTRINE: God's judgements not forever in this life - a time to chastise nations/churches ->pardon.
    The way is to repent and confess our national sins also. Do we?
  3. Then v.20-23: coming of Angel Gabriel to answer.
    OBSERVE: Prayers are answered sooner or later.
    It is not a waste of breath to pray to God.

    Then at: v.24f the prophecy of the "70 weeks".
    DOCTRINE: Everything in the Gospel is according to a Divine Plan: the time of it, plan of it, details of it. The plan is in God (in His mind) = "decree". Nothing is accidental: e.g. The plan is being worked out every day.
  4. Six points - 3 negative + 3 positive:

    1. To "finish the transgression":
      1. sin: here called transgression.
      2. it has lain open before God's eye - very offensive to God.
      3. now something was done to it = shut in/sealed up.
        The reference is to the Cross of Christ.
        TEXTS: "blot out as a cloud"/"Come now..."/"cast into the sea"
        APPLICATION: That is our greatest NEED. Do you see it?
    2. To make an end of sins:
      1. sins: is a missing of the mark - failing every time.
        ILLUSTRATION: shooting at a target - never hitting the mark in all his life, no matter how often he tries.
      2. end: sin to cease to have an existence - all those for whom Christ died to be made sinless.
    3. To make reconciliation for iniquity
      1. literally to "cover" = by the blood of a sacrifice and so to expiate the sin and regain the favour of God.
      2. iniquity: 3 terms here show the problem which we all have - "plague of plagues".
      3. "Christ is our peace"/"God was in Christ"
        APPLICATION: This is why the non-Christian needs to LISTEN to the Gospel. You have a big problem. Perhaps you don't want to hear but it is only a kindness to tell you.

    There is always a negative or a positive e.g. "Faith -" yes, but also "Repent", Christ's work has both.

    1. To bring in everlasting righteousness: 2 parts:
      1. Imputed righteousness: Christ obeyed for us/suffered the penalty for us. Public person.
      2. Imparted righteousness: The life of a believer is now different - holy, sanctified, obedient to God's Word.
        APPLICATION: This is James "faith without works is dead".
    2. To seal up the vision and prophecy:
      This is a reference to all that God had taught in the Old Testament about Christ's coming - done by vision and prophets. e.g. Isaiah 53. It is all SEALED = accredited + fulfilled. Explain. No excuse for unbelievers because all the Old Testament is now fulfilled - clear prophesy fulfilled in CHRIST.
      APPLICATION: Why do you doubt?
    3. To anoint the most holy:The Most Holy is Christ - anointed by the Spirit (i) at birth (ii) baptism (iii) coronation: Pentecost. Christ is anointed with glory and honour and has the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
      APPLICATION: This is just the Saviour we all need. He can not only deal with the sin-problem but can beautify all our lives:
      1. To live righteously.
      2. To be Spirit-filled: zeal for God's glory/love for the truth/passionate for the lost.
        APPLICATION: Is your life "anointed"?

    1. It deals with sin in its every form and every manifestation: rebellion, apostasy, disobedience, trespass, etc. - Christ can put it right.
      APPLICATION: Not automatic - you must go to Him and ask Him to do it.
    2. It is for ever. Not just for this life - "everlasting righteousness".Right with God now in this life/right with God after death/right in the Last Day.
      APPLICATION: Do you see why it is madness to neglect this Gospel message?
    3. All this is by God's plan - "70 weeks" - it is all worked and to the day and hour and even the minute.
      The other events of this world are not to be compared with this.


Take your eyes off everything else and fix your gaze on God's eternal plan: re. Christ and His Cross.

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