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All congregations on the website sing the Scottish Metrical Psalms in public worship. No psalm singing is avaliable on this website, although some is avaliable on Psalm Singing Online. Visitors may also be interested in the Free Church Continuing Psalmody Comittees's CD series 'Worthy to be praised'.

Starting in 2005 a new volume of 'Worth to be praised' will (DV) be released each year. Each volume covers 12 tunes. In each volume, the first CD contains 12 tunes sung in harmony to a psalm. This is to help to promote better singing, a deeper appreciation of the tunes, and a wider knowledge of these melodies. The second CD is a teaching aid for those wishing to learn the tunes (usually sung by the sopranos); for those wishing to learn the alto part (usually sung by the ladies with deeper voices); by those who hope to learn the tenor part (the part for men with higher voices); and finally by those wishing to learn the bass part (sung by men with deeper voices).

Volume 1 (released in 2005) is avaliable price 10. The tunes on volume one are:

GlasgowPs 66 v 1-5+20
PraetoriusPs 24 v 1-5
St. AnnePs 90 v 1&2, 10-12
SouthwarkPs 125
ArdenPs 54
TivertonPs 73 v 24-28
ContemplationPs 92 v 12-15
DundeePs 60 v 1-5
HerongatePs 102 (2nd ver.) v11-12, 19-22
AynhoePs 45 (2nd ver.) v 13-end
PetershamPs 72 v 1-6
HawardenPs 143 (2nd ver) v 1, 7-8

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Audio CDs can be ordered by mail order Price 10.

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